Monthly Specials

September 2017

S.O.S (save our skin) monthly specials at Essence Therapeutics….

After the summer holidays, our skin is in need of some deep professional cleansing.  The horny skin cell layer thickens due to UV radiation and our moisture levels drop considerably due to sun, wind, water and even plane travel. The results are an escalation in breakouts as well as dry, dehydrated and often times the feeling that the skin is clogged and dull.

This month You can relax and enjoy the deep cleaning:

YON-KA Vital Defence treatment

An aromatic compress of lavender, geranium, cypress and thyme
-Cleansing make-up removal 
– Micro misting with 5 essential oils
– Deep peeling gommage for cell renewal
-Relaxing and detoxing massage for face, neck and neck-line
-Oxygenating bentonite and kaolin clay mask for face and neck
-A mask for the eye contours,
-Energizing: olfactory stimulation, stretching with phyto aromatic rosemary



Regular price treatment- 60 minutes/€80

SOS special for September…60 minutes/€70….a 10 euro saving!