Skin Treatment menu and pricing

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Escape Beauté– express treatment

Short on time? Enjoy this well deserved Yon-Ka beauty break to rehydrate your tired skin and restore your energy. Relax with  gentle hydrating exfoliation, float away to the scents of a lavender and rosemary fine mist and relax with a skin sculpting massage. Finished off with a topical application of a phyto-aromatic moisturiser. In just 45 minutes your skin will be brighter and rejuvenated and YOU and your skin will feel great! 

45 minutes / 65 euro


Soin Acne- deep cleansing / problem/acne prone skin

Correction and healing are the cornerstones of this distinctive, highly efficient probiotic acne skin treatment that deals seriously with the problems associated with acne and all-ages problem skin. Ozone steam and botanical exfoliation prepare the skin for the removal of blackheads, whiteheads, milia and comedones. Micro-current therapy followed by an application of a soothing probiotic concentrate, therapeutic probiotic clay mask and detoxing massage, regulates oil secretions and restores balance. Free of harmful alcohol and chemicals commonly found in most over the counter products, this treatment is a must for anyone suffering from blemishes and blackheads.  

60 minutes- 85 euros

90 minutes –105 euro

Teenager Acne – deep cleansing / problem skin

This deep cleaning and balancing treatment is developed specifically for teenagers who need a skin care routine that is manageable and achievable. A teen facial includes a deep pore exfoliation, extractions and treatment masque to balance oily skin, prone to breakouts and blackheads. This facial includes a consultative approach to educate teens on how to properly care for their skin with proper cleansing and diet.  Starting your teen with a good skin care regimen at a young age can help build habits that will last a lifetime. 

65 minutes 85 euro 


L.E.D. Blue light therapy, for acne healing is added on to treatment for an additional charge of 10 euro. 

The Grand Classique- deep cleansing/ detoxing/balancing

One of the most comprehensive deep cleansing treatments you can offer your skin. Customised to the needs of each person, each treatment may use anti-inflammatory plant enzymes,  probiotics, micro-steam, skin cupping and purifying masks, to re-balance, deep clean and oxygenate even the most demanding skin. Aromatic compresses containing the 5 Quintessence extracts of lavender, geranium, rosemary, thyme and cypress, regenerate your skin and leave you relaxed and glowing. 

80 minutes- 95 euro

90 minutes – 110 euro (includes anti-age excellence code collagen mask) 


Alpha-Vital- Anti-age– resurfacing- cell renewal treatment

Dull, tired skin? This highly technical, anti-aging treatment restores the natural glow and smoothness to all skins. Using controlled organic alpha and beta hydroxy fruit acids from pineapple, grape, passion fruit and white willow bark, dead cells are swiftly removed, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed and the complexion is noticeably brightened after one treatment. Excellent for menopause, sun damaged, fatigued and general ageing skin. 

75 minutes – 95 euro

90 minutes-110 euro ( including hydra-collagen mask)


Hydralessence- sensitive/rough,dehydrated skin

Whether dry, dehydrated or oily, the skin can feel and look tight, rough and irritated. This high performance Yon-Ka treatment, will replenish your skin instantly with calming and nourishing aloe vera, seaweed and impereta cylindrica.  The application of calming and alkalyzing plant humectants, soothes and hydrates even the most delicate tissue. Bathed in a light aromatic steam, your skin becomes supple, soft and glowing.

60 minutes–85 euro

90 minutes-105 euro (includes extra decongesting hydrating mask)


Vital Defense – detoxing, anti-pollution

A rejuvenating,  antioxidant and anti-pollution treatment. Specifically targets free radicals while repairing and hydrating the skin with detoxing Rosemary, Myrtle extract and Moringa peptides. A highly functional wonder facial, high in Vitamin C, designed to protect skin against enviromental and work stress. Perfect for those sitting  behind computers under artificial lighting or frequently biking.

60 minutes-85 euro

90 minutes- 105 euros ( Ultrasound and Guasha ( a tool to release fascial restrictions) will be used. 

Essential White – uneven, pigmented, dark spot correction

Yonka’s new innovative treatment combats early and advanced signs of pigmentation issues.  “Chrono Stable” patented Cellular Vitamin C  with red and brown algae; inhibits the essential enzymes that are responsible for the formation of  dark spots. This treatment, in combination with follow up home care will visibly lighten unsightly pigmentation marks and prevent new spots from forming.

60 minutes-85 euro

90 minutes-105 euros

Sensitive Skin-Rosacea-calming,soothing for the most sensitive skin

Yonka’s sensitive skin treatment addresses fragile, sensitive and hyper reactive skin types. This calming and comforting facial with prebiotics, probiotics and calming sea mayweed, improves skin tolerance, visible redness and relieves discomfort caused by the over-reactivity. A soothing, healing treatment for Rosacea sufferers as well.

60 minutes- 85 euros

90 minutes- 105 euros