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Our hormones play such an important role in our skin health. Do you remember those pesky hormones that caused your pimples during your teenage years?  Well, those same hormones are now responsible for your peri-menopause and menopausal skin changes.

Are you in Peri-menopause?


Usually beginning in a woman’s life in her mid 40’s, peri-menopause can last well into her early-mid 50s. This stage is different from menopause as the ovaries are still producing enough estrogen for menstruation, but with shifting hormones, periods can become quite unpredictable and irregular. Some women develop scantier periods with longer intervals between cycles while other women develop heavier and more frequent menstruation, sometimes menstruating every couple of weeks.

Scantier periods are due to a decline in oestrogen, while heavier and more frequent periods are caused in part by an imbalance in lower progesterone levels, and an excess of oestrogen. Too many  xenoestrogens (hormone disruptors) from external sources such as food, chemicals and products can also cause oestrogen dominance.

acne in menopause

 Perimenopause skin can experience many ups and down’s. Hot flashes can cause skin redness and irritations. Breakouts and skin impurities are not uncommon either as androgen hormones (testosterone) can create an excess of sebum and pore clogging oil, which in turn can cause pimples.

It’s also not uncommon for women in this hormonal stage, who are still using the birth control pill or the IUD to develop troublesome cyst-like pimples on the chin area.

Peri-menopause is a time when the skin can develop premature wrinkles, feel dry or dehydrated. Sensitivity with cheek redness can develop due to a thinning of the skin. The skin can also feel itchy and irritated. The rate of new fresh skin cell turnover begins to slow down, resulting in a fatigued skin with little vitality.

Physical symptomsperimenopause tree : 

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • sore breasts
  • change in libido
  • urinary and bladder changes
  • mood swings
  • insomnia
  • fatigue

Menopause- Are you in Menopause?

menopause laneOnce your periods have stopped, you have reached menopause. The term menopause technically refers to  a cessation of menstruation for 12 consecutive months so if you are still having the occasional period, you are not in full menopause until you have gone 1 full year without menstruating. 

Menopause skin can begin to look fragile with decreasing tone, wrinkles appear faster and the skin can feel dry, dehydrated and dull. The eye area and the jowl area can also begin to show signs of ageing. There is a strong relationship between collagen production and a decline in oestrogen so the turnover rate of new healthy cells and our skin’s natural humectants will decline as well. This can cause an increase in skin sensitivity and exacerbate the thinning and drying of the epidermis. 

Some women also experience a debilitating condition called formication which is a strange global skin itching which can affect not only the face but the whole body.  This is a tell tale sign of low oestrogen and can usually be helped with a shift to more phyto-estrogen foods or bio-identical hormone supplementation. 

Physical symptoms :

  • Night sweats
  • vaginal dryness/atrophy
  • urinary urgency, frequency
  • vaginal infections
  • decreased libido
  • increased abdominal fat
  • weight gain
  • change in sleep quality
  • thinning hair
  • forgetfulness, brain fog
  • anxiety/depression
  • vaginal dryness and atrophy.




omega-3-620x350_620x350_41479796294* Introducing plant based superfoods and hormone-balancing foods to your  diet will keep your skin healthy and youthful. Taking care of your inner ecology will always give you benefits on the outside. Begin by adding flaxseed, pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds to your diet. These wonder foods are high in essential minerals and omega oils that calm inflammation and are vital to healthy cells and tissue development.  These foods help to nourish the skin as  well as preventing dry itchy skin and menopausal eczema.

* Fermented foods are also essential for a healthy skin as our skin’s health starts with a healthy digestive tract. Good bacteria found in fermented foods and probiotics bring vital nutrition to our skin and bring anti- inflammatory flora to the digestive tract as well as reducing the signs of early ageing.images-25

* Our skin is the escape route for toxins so try to eat 5 portions of organic fruits and vegetables daily and and avoid foods grown with pesticides. Increasing all alkalyzing leafy greens as well as all non starchy vegetables and fruits deliver beneficial vitamins and antioxidants to the skin as well as acting as natural anti-inflammatories for the skin. Oily fish and healthy proteins are also essential building blocks for our skin.

gly*Sugar Ages You! Reduce sugar and  all inflammatory foods such as refined flour, trans fats, processed and deep fried foods. These unhealthy foods damage your skin through a process called glycation. The sugar you consume binds to proteins that produce harmful free radials called AGE’s. These AGE’s make your collagen and elastine proteins (the building blocks for beautiful skin) stiff, dry and brittle. The result of a diet relatively high in sugar (this also goes for the sugar in alcohol) is lines and wrinkles. If you have a problem with eczema, reducing or eliminating cane sugar can restore the skin quickly.


Stay hydrated! Drink enough water (2 L) during the day, to keep the body and skin hydrated and nourished. I also love organic coconut water to replenish and hydrate. Decrease your amount of acidifying and dehydrating coffee and instead choose anti-oxidant rich matcha tea. Keep an eye on your alcohol content as well as this is your fast track for premature wrinkling. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and is very hard on the liver.


hyaluronic acid

* Upgrade your skincare regime during menopause.  The skin will have different needs as you age as the formation of collagen in the skin’s matrix, is dependent on estrogenAs this estrogen declines, upgrading to products that use plant based peptides, coenzyme 10, silica and the Hyaluronic acid, will help to stimulate collagen production. This helps keep the skin plump and minimize deep wrinkle formation.

9dc74728fad6382fd4e790b97cd4d3a3* Daily cleansing is  the key to healthy skin and always make sure you clean your skin at night before bed with proper products. Soap and water are not good enough. As the skin ages, it needs more nourishing, hydrating ingredients that don’t strip the acid mantle of the skin so opt for a hydrating milk or gel cleanser to properly remove makeup and debris. Misting with a hydrating toner after cleansing will add needed moisture and help calm and balance all skin types. Without proper night cleansing, your skin ages 7 times faster.

yonka* The quality of products that you use at home are also essential to your skin’s nourishment. Opt for plant based, synthetic free products for your skin’s health. When purchasing products, always choose closed pumps and tubes over open jars. Purchasing open jars, means your product is exposed to air every time you open it, which deletes any bio-availability due to oxygenation. It’s also a breeding ground for bacteria. You may think you’re buying a great natural product, but after a couple weeks, your open jarred product isn’t going to give you any benefits not to mention it’s a waste of money. 

* Exfoliation is key to unlocking new fresh, healthy cells as we age. As we transition through menopause our cell turnover decreases dramatically, causing dull, dry, wrinkle prone skin and acne prone skin. A home based exfoliant that contains active enzymes, will safely and effectively hydrate the skin while stimulating new fresh cells to resurface. Salon treatments using alpha/beta hydroxy acids are also a great way to renew and resurface the ageing skin. The skin will be immediately refreshed and glowing.images-73

* Professional treatments are highly recommended to address the ageing process of the skin. If you choose to use botox or fillers, remember that injectables come with no “free of risk’ guarantee.  Our liver is one of our most efficient detoxifying organs and is needed to synthesise and metabolize everything and that includes denatured botulism (botox). Having no, unbiased long term studies about the affect of injectables on our immune system, it’s safer to choose non invasive treatments that integrate micro-current, EMS for muscle tightening, light therapy, lymph drainage, facial cupping and other effective stimulating treatments.


SLEEP* Sleep. A shortage of sleep will cause the skin to age faster and is responsible for a change in hormone levels and metabolic function. While insomnia is a major symptom of menopause there are many good supplements such a magnesium and passiflora which help you to sleep better and get the rest you need.

* Don’t smoke. Smoking during and after menopause increases risk of cardiovascular disease, emphysema and edema. It ages you 5 times faster than a non-smoker, as nicotine affects the glands and organs responsible for oestrogen production post menopause. Please quit.

weights* Exercise. Moderate physical activity such as cycling, walking, dancing or weight lifting are all great for keeping the blood flowing and circulation healthy. Our skin needs proper oxygenation for a healthy complexion and without exercise our skin ages fast.

vaginal dryness
*Vaginal health in menopause also changes and many women suffer with a condition called vaginal dryness and atrophy. This extremely painful condition can lead to chronic vaginal infections and repeated bladder infections,  due to a decline in estrogen. Often a localised bio-identical oestrogen can help recover the damaged tissue and help heal the delicate micro-flora. Vaginal suppositories with hyaluronic acid can also hydrate and help rebuild the thinning vaginal tissue. Omega 7, listed below as a supplement can also help heal delicate mucosa of the vaginal tissue. 

natural menopause 2
*  Most women in peri-menopause and menopause can benefit from natural remedies and supplements for better sleep, more energy, adrenal function improvement, hormonal balancing and an overall better quality of life. Our skin can also benefit from supplemental nutrition to help stimulate collagen, maintain elasticity and proper circulation.

My personal top 10 MENOPAUSAL must have’s for a healthy body and great skin are:

  1. Hydrolyzed collagen powderslows down aging process and improves elasticity.
  2. Silicatrace mineral and key ingredient in collagen production
  3. Ashwaghanda- hormone balancer, reduces anxiety and helps energy levels
  4. Q-10
  5. Magnesium
  6. Omega 7
  7. Milk Thistle
  8. Maca
  9. Passieflora
  10. Vitamin B complex

menopause  Your journey towards menopause is your own unique experience. Ageing is a fact of life, but there is help and support along the way. If you are experiencing peri-menopause or menopausal skin issues and prefer a natural holistic approach to balancing hormones and achieving radiant skin, please contact:

Julie Jones- 06 41 47 46 13

Essence Therapeutics-Women’s wellness                              

 You can also follow me on instagram : @happy_menopause for tips and tricks to make your menopausal journey a bit more enjoyable!

Skincare secret: how to make your products work better!


In one word: Exfoliate 

I always tell my clients: “If you want a great complexion, what you take off your skin is just as important as what you put on it”. Yes, that’s right….let me explain.

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells, but why is it so important for healthy skin? Without proper exfoliation, our skin can end up with layers of dead cells that prevent proper oxygenation of the skin, a slowing of metabolic functioning, faster visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles as well as an inability of skincare products to  absorb and be effective.

As we age, the rate of new skin cell turnover slows down, meaning the body takes longer to shed old skin cells and regenerate fresh hydrated ones. In an ageing dry/dehydrated skin, too much dead cell build up prevents the skin from breathing properly but once removed, the skin appears tighter, smoother with an overall brilliance that can be seen immediately. In an acne prone skin, a buildup of oil can act as a glue that holds dead cells on the skin, creating a breeding ground for bad bacteria and a build up of blackheads and blemishes. Mechanical removal of these cells is needed to rid the skin of debris while stimulating the natural defences of the new skin cells

In the world of dead cell removal it is important to know that:  All products are not created equal. There are numerous exfoliant based products on the market and many of them contain plastic micro-beads, a non biodegradable mixture of synthetic ingredients that are so small they pass through wastewater filtration systems and becomes a hazard to our oceans and marine life. Be a wise consumer and make sure you are always using a sustainable natural based exfoliant. Companies still currently using these micro beads are:

  • Christian Dior
  • Estee Lauder (who owns Aveda, Bobby Brown, Clinique)
  • L’Occitane
  • Procter and Gamble (Oil of Olay)
  • Sisley Skincare
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Avon
  • Elemis

Most market leaders in the skincare industry focus on granular based scrubs for home use. These scrubs are only effective it they focus on natural base plant enzymes that combine ingredients that polish the skin as well as hydrate. If the product only contains abrasive particles that scratch the skin (like apricot kernel scrubs) they are highly irritating, drying and can even cause skin damage and micro-scarring.

My favourite granular exfoliant  is Yon-Ka’s Guarna scrub, a gentle detoxifier combining Guarana (an amazonian plant rich in bioflavonoids and antioxidants ), organic rice beads mixed with hydrating and healing calendula, chamomile, linden and the restorative essential oils of lavender, geranium and rosemary.  Always gentle and perfect for sensitive and problem skins.


While granular scrubs are an easy product to use and handy for the  ‘on the go’ type,  the best and most effective way to remove dead cells and energize the skin, is through the use of plant based enzyme peels.  These peels work by breaking down keratin protein and the bonds between the dead skin cells to quickly whisk them away and encourage cell turnover. One of the worlds best home use enzyme peels,  loved by many celebrities and Yon-ka lovers alike, is the Yon-ka Gommage. This peeling,  designed for all skin types, including sensitive skins, offers exfoliating, purifying, hydrating and soothing functions. It’s popularity is in its effectiveness as an enzyme gel based exfoliant, granular free and a big drink for the skin. Thanks to the properties of brown algae, white nettle,  borneol and plant glycerin, this peel gives an instant effect on the skin and the difference can be seen immediately. Glowing skin and improved products penetration will follow.  Exfoliating the skin should be done 1-2 times a week for best results.


Besides the weekly use of a high quality exfoliator, the daily use of cellular renewal products are becoming a popular and effective way to regenerate the skin and keep it glowing. For 35 years of age and over, these products offer a combination of targeted fruit and plant acids that can be used daily and nightly as an effective treatment for combating fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin look firmer and fit. Yon-ka Alpha Peel and Alpha Fluide offer essential ingredients such as lemon,orange, sugar cane, maple, blueberry and beech bud peptides to help refine even the most tired of skins, improving texture and visibly reducing imperfections in the skin. Scar tissue is minimized and skin hydration is noticeable. Hugely popular, it’s a market leader in regenerative skincare.

alphaalpha tx


Of course the benefits of professional exfoliation cannot be understated. Clinical treatments  ‘jump start’ the skin and feed the skin nutrients, that are not equal to home based products. Highly technical enzyme treatments stimulate blood flow, restoring the skin as early as 1 treatment. Under the rejuvenating, intensely hydrating action of controlled fruit acids, the epidermis is gently stimulated, cellular renewal is intensified and the complexion is cleared. The use of alpha and beta hydroxy acids in treatment form are used within a narrow ph form, between 3 and 4, offering superb exfoliating actions but gently enough for even highly sensitive skins.


yonka 4



Yon-ka is a premiere French skincare company committed to organic, sustainably farmed, fairtrade, environmentally and renewable conscious manufacturing. The cornerstone of Yon-ka is built on pure passion and desire. Passion for the science of naturally based ingredients: not synthetics. Desire for delivering the world’s most therapeutic and indulgent skin treatments and products with 1 purpose; to heal the skin.

For information please call Julie at Essence Therapeutics- 0641474613 or visit the website:



Healthy skin begins in the gut

gut skin connection

The beauty industry is a booming business. Every day a new wonder product reaches the market, promising youth, vitality and gorgeous skin in just a few days.  As a consumer, it can be so confusing…..are skin products the most effective way for healthy vibrant skin? They do help but there’s more you should know!

Skincare is the biggest segment in the beauty industry, with global sales expecting to reach more than $130 billion by 2019. Many companies with no connection to skincare, numerous celebrities and even many Multi Level Marketing companies have all jumped on the skincare band wagon and integrated beauty products into their retail cache. Clearly they ALL know one big secret: People want beautiful skin and they are willing to do anything to get it.


As a functional skin therapist, my passion is skin. Healthy skin that is. My approach to a healthy complexion is: Beauty begins inside.  Whether my clients are young or old, teenage with hormonal breakouts or middle age with breakouts, in menopause, or just have sensitive, problem or dry skins, we have to look under the surface to heal skin problems.

By the time a new client has booked an appointment with me, they have used on average 5 different product lines.  From soaps, to different lotions, to creams, sometimes injections and even drugs. There are certainly no shortage of products or treaments to try. Some work but  many don’t.

Skin health however is not always found in that jar of cream, or for that matter, having more invasive procedures such as injectables, chemical peels  or swallowing pharmaceuticals. We just don’t know the long term effects these foreign substances will have on our immunity; regardless of what the doctors say.

For radiant skin, we have to look further. Deep down, to our gut. To our microbiome.


What is that funny word microbiome you ask?

The gut microbiome is a collection of microbes that live inside of us…in our intestines.  Every one of us has an individually unique microbial eco-system  which is home to more than 100 trillion microbes!  In fact, they outnumber our human cells by roughly ten to one. And what are all those microbes doing inside and all over our bodies?

These microbes act as the frontline of our immune system, keeping us healthy, protecting us from disease, detoxifying pathogens. In fact our gut bacteria have a massive influence not just in the health of our body, but especially our largest organ….the skin!!

The skin is our largest (and some would say most important) organ in your body. Unlike other organs, you can easily touch, see and check your skin health daily.  An imbalance of unhealthy bacteria in our gut flora can cause inflammation, and can show up on the skin as global or local acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and even highly sensitive, irritated skin.

Ideally you want to have 85% good bacteria to about 15% bad bacteria. This is an ideal ratio to keep the gut healthy and functioning optimally. It’s when this ratio changes that problems can start to arise. A lack of GOOD bacteria can lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria, and when this happens, the gut walls start to become damaged and problems start.


What causes this bacterial  imbalance?

  • Antibiotics- they kill all the good healthy bacteria which is our immunity!
  • medications, birth control (pill and iud), hormone imbalances.
  • excess sugar consumption-this feeds bad bacteria and fastest way to age.
  • over processed foods/gluten/overconsumption of a dairy products- these elevate inflammation in the gut flora.
  • excess stress- elevated cortisol and stress hormones increase inflammation in gut flora.

images (9)

Heal the gut-heal the skin

The first step in healing your gut and skin, is to make sure that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs through a healthy diet. This  includes a variety of coloured plant foods that help the gut to absorb the nutrients from your food. This is crucial for growth, repair, and normal functioning. Knowing your triggers (do you eat too much sugar? dairy? smoke? too much junk food?) will help you to reduce inflammation which will in turn have a huge effect on your skin’s health.


Here are my top tips to care for your digestive health for glowing skin:

  • If you suffer from gas, bloating and red irritated skin, you could have low stomach acid. Squeeze 1/2 lemon in a 75ml of water before each meal. This improves stomach acid which is necessary for digestion.
  • Chew. Your. Food. This is your first step of digestion, chew slowly and break down particles so the stomach doesn’t have to work so hard.
  • Get enough sleep! Lack of sleep affects every cell in your body and decreases circulation to skin and ages you fast!
  • Eat probiotic containing foods such as; sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, fermented dairy, miso soup, or take a good quality probiotic supplement.
  • Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol and gluten.
  • Eating healthy food fibre found in fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, beans and and seeds
  • Limit alcohol as this feeds inflammation and will age you very quickly.Add healthy oils to your diet. Flax oil/ avocados/ sea buckhorn oil/ borage oil.
  • And last but least, integrate professional natural skin treatments and  nutrient rich probiotic natural skincare into your holistic beauty routine for glowing, healthy clear skin.




If you are looking for a consultive, natural and  therapeutic approach to healing your skin, contact Julie Jones. All treatments are customized to your skin type, skin problem or concern.

This will include a personalised prescription card, product and treatment advice and follow up phone conversations or email support when needed. My priority is your skin.



Julie Jones

06-41 47 46 13


exclusive distributor

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Acne Blog-Julie’s Top Tips

images-33     Acne advice can be so confusing. There’s an endless stream of acne information and products on the market these days and it’s difficult to navigate the truth.  Acne problems can span many years, from teenage years right through to middle age. Hormones, diet, stress, medications, even hereditary influences can all trigger breakouts and acne.

As a clinical aesthetician who has treated many acne clients over my 25 years in the skin care industry, I believe acne is a symptom and my goal is always to dig deeper to see if we can determine the underlying problem. Everyone is different with a different history,  so the way I treat acne is always individually based.

There are however, some tried and true tips that can help almost anyone with skin problems. Here are some of my favourites that will help keep your acne under control and help you on your way to a healthier complexion.

1.) Keeping your pores free of harmful bacteria

Our skin is our largest organ and it is host to trillions of bacteria. Some bacteria’s are very good for us and important for not only our overall immunity but also our skin’s immunity . These are the good guys and we need them to fight the pimple war!  The bad bacteria’s such a propionibacterium (P.acnes) are pathogens and they use the excess sebum as food and like to live in plugged follicles (yuck!). This type of bad bacteria causes breakouts, pimples, cysts and infection.

Products containing alcohol,  antibacterial based soaps, creams with synthetic ingredients or sodium lauryl sulphate are not acne safe. They can in fact, stimulate the skin to produce more sebum, reduce skin immunity and cause more breakouts.

What to do?

  • wash your hands before touching your face
  • Don’t pick your pimples, you’ll spread the bacteria-apply ice instead.
  • Always wash your face at night with a gentle acne friendly skin cleanser and appropriate non alcohol based skin toner.
  • change pillow cases and washcloths frequently. Bacteria love them.
  • clean mobiel phones regularly.


Julie’s top products:


2.) Say goodbye to over the counter facial scrubs

These abrasive scrubs are sold as a great way to remove dead cells on blemished skin. NOT TRUE! They are harsh and abrasive and in fact only scratch the skin, causing  irritation,discolouration and potential scarring. They also can open the  pimples and spread bad bacteria to other areas of the face.  If that’s not enough, they also strip the skin of needed hydration.  Time to toss!


What to do?

  • Opt for a gel based, non granular enyzme based exfoliant. This can be used twice weekly  and will not only rehydrate the skin’s surface, but will effortlessly remove dead cells whilst sanitizing the skin.
  •   Treat your skin gently by avoiding scrubbing or rubbing the skin with towels. Pat gently.


Julie’s top exfoliating products:


3.) Hydration and purifying should be your priority.

Many acne sufferers think that adding products to their skin will generate more breakouts. Nothing can be further from the truth. Proper hydration is vital for all cells and tissues to renew and function properly.  In an acne skin, when the water level decreases, the sebaceous glands (or oil glands) take this as a threat and will pump out more oil to compensate for moisture loss. Proper water based acne products that are infused with healing plants will calm, restore, hydrate and heal.

what to do?

  • avoid any alcohol based products. These dehydrate immediately causing further irritation. Apply an acne based hydration gel or preparation focused on repairing and hydrating.
  • drink 6-8 glasses of filtered water daily. This helps to flush the liver and kidneys of toxins and waste that the lymph system works hard to eliminate.
  • Do not wash face in the shower. The heat from the shower, dehydrates and  is very irritating to an already sensitive acne skin. Use cool to warm water only.
  • Caffeine, alcohol and smoking are all stimulants and will cause dehydration in the skin.  Avoid as much as possible.


Julie’s product choice for hydration and blemish repair:


4.) Time to tone

Toners are a necessity when fighting acne. A non-alcohol based toner is important in your daily skincare ritual as it ensures that all residue/makeup is removed and your skin is clean and hydrated. A good toner with active botanical ingredients will also work to reestablish the proper ph of the skin after the use of tap water.

what to do?

  • After showering in the morning and after cleansing at night before bed, spray the appropriate acne based lotion to skin. Leave to dry and then apply other applicable topical products.


Julie’s top products:



5.) Diet

Our food choices have a lot to do with our skin health but still some mainstream medicinal professionals say what we eat does not cause acne. Holistic doctors, who study functional medicine know that is simple not true. Today we know that food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities can cause skin problems. It’s not that a chocolate bar causes acne, it’s the  sugar and all the additives.  Sugar is inflammatory an causes insulin to spike and that in turn causes an increase in sebum production. All dairy products contain hormones. This confuses our own hormonal system which sets the stage for inflamed skin.  Ready made meals, iodine rich foods; even healthy kelp can irritate an acne prone skin. Cakes, cookies, pastries, caffeine and alcohol are all substances with no nutritional value and in the end will cause more skin problems. Gluten can be a trigger for acne sufferers as gluten releases histamines in the body, creating inflammation.

what to do?

  • reduce sugar intake, replace with healthier options such as coconut sugar.
  • increase green leafy vegetables as these contain alkalising minerals that help heal inflamed skin.
  • enjoy healthy proteins but avoid heavily saturated fats found in red meats.
  • avoid eating high fatty foods like chips, fries and pastries etc.
  • limit wheat and gluten and opt for spelt or buckwheat grains
  • increase fruit intake. Dried fruits are ok sparingly.
  • replace dairy with almond milk or coconut milk. Reduce all cheese.
  • reduce coffee- it’s highly acidic, dehydrates  and acts as a diuretic.
  • ditch energy drinks- full of caffeine and sugar. A skin sin!
  • green drinks made fresh are amazing for acne skin. They reduce inflammation and heal.


7.)  Do you need supplements?

Often, acne can be due to nutritional deficiencies and if you’re not getting enough from your diet then supplements can be a great way to make these additions. The skin is dependent on proper vitamin and mineral assimilation and often hormonal imbalances, stress, medications and illness can deplete these reserves. The most valuable supplements for acne are Vitamin D, Vitamin B5, Omega oils, probiotics and zinc.

what to do?

  • Take a Vit D supplement. Vitamin D contains peptides that support the immune system in fighting off acne causing bacteria. It also regulates and balances oil production. If living in climates with long dark winters, then a D supplement is very beneficial.
  • Vitamin B5 supports skin health as well as supporting our nervous system. If stress is a trigger for your acne, than this vitamin should help.
  • Omega oils support skin, heart and brain health. These fatty acids help to reduce excess oil production and help inflammation. While many omega oils are manufactured from fish, I recommend using plant base omega’s only. Choose a gamma-linoleic omega 6 oil, made from evening of primrose, sea buckhorn or borage.
  • Zinc:- scientific studies show that people with acne have lower levels of zinc in their bodies. Zinc is an essential trace mineral and plays an important role in balancing your hormones and accelerates the production of Vit A in the skin.  It also works as a natural antibiotic without destroying the gut flora. Best source of zinc for acne skin is Opti-zinc which contains zinc monomethionine, which has the best absorption rate. Always take with food and begin with 25/30 mg.


8.) How healthy is your gut?

I’ve left the most important tip until the end. For a permanent acne cure, we must go deeper than just addressing the bacteria balance on the skin. Our gut health and micro flora balance both have a huge effect on our complexion. Chronic low grade inflammation caused by past bacterial infections and virus’s, antibiotic use, chronic stress, improper diet and hormonal imbalances can cause a condition called leaky gut syndrome. The gut lining becomes compromised causing an altered digestive function and a possible overgrowth of bacteria and candida. This overgrowth can spread to the skin causing a build up of excess skin cells. This excess creates clogged pores and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria such as P.acnes (remember that bad guy?) to thrive which results in inflamed pimples and cysts.

gut skin connectionskin and gut salad bowl

what to do?

  •  Good bacteria are good for you. Increase probiotic rich foods such as kefir and fermented foods into your diet. (tip: follow Julie’s fermented food workshops)
  • Add a probiotic supplement to your diet.
  • healing bone broth is excellent for digestive issues.
  • Have regular professional skin treatments implementing micro current and blue light therapy to heal and reduce inflammation.
  • Sugar feeds inflammation-first in the body, then later on the skin. Be careful.
  • Leaky gut syndrome is connected to acne. Do you also have digestive issues?
  • focus on an alkalyzing, plant based diet. Think green!




If  you or your teenagers suffer from acne or skin problems, help is available.  If you are looking for a consultive, natural and  therapeutic approach to healing the skin, contact Julie Jones. All acne treatments are customized to your skin and acne type.

This will include personalized home care products. Bi-monthly skin treatments, follow up phone conversations and email support, when needed.

My priority, is your healthy skin.



Pigmentation problems?

When and how do dark spots appear?
Pigmentation is what gives our skin its very unique colors and tones. It comes from a process called melanogenesis during which melanin, the molecule responsible for pigment, is produced. When this process becomes unstable, the complexion loses its even tone and youthful radiance. If left untreated the problem of excess pigment can escalate and random brown/black spots can darken, enlarge and spread to other areas of the skin. Pigment disorders adds years to a woman’s perceived age, and 62% of women of every age and ethnicity are seeking effective product solutions for both complexion brightening and targeted pigment control.

Aging, Hormonal Disturbances, Sun Exposure, Inflammation, Past Acne Blemishes, Drug Interactions and other factors all have the potential to undermine the skins normal pigmentation process, causing melanin to overproduce and become unevenly distributed, settling into clumps along the skin’s surface.

Combining the perfection and strength of nature with advanced scientific research in pigment control, YON-KA has formulated ESSENTIAL WHITE, a regimen of complexion brightening and targeted dark spot treatments to effectively combat pigment disorders regardless of their origins. Treatment that included our intensive salon series and homecare produced visible results in just 28 days!

ESSENTIAL WHITE is part of a complete program to correct and prevent discolor­ations and dark spots, while it unifies and brightens the entire complexion. The complete program consists of three complementary home care products plus an expert care professional salon treatment, available in 60’ and 30’ formats.

ESSENTIAL WHITE Home care: Three Clinically Tested Formulas Work in Tandem.
Three products from Yonka
Step 1: SOLUTION CLARTE – Exfoliates & Brightens

A Skin Renewing Solution: Rich in natural acids and enzymes to exfoliate and promote cell renewal. SOLUTION CLARTE is boosted with brown alga which helps normalize the melanogenesis process. Apple extract, rich in malic acid, helps to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals.

Step 2: CRÈME LUMIERE – Brightens, Anti-Dark Spots, Anti-aging

A Brightening and Unifying Crème: Chrono stable Vitamin C, Beech Bud Peptides and Apple Extracts work in concert to brighten the complexion and blend dark spots by targeting the problem at its source.

CRÈME LUMIERE is a protective and balancing crème which also controls solar elastosis and photo-aging while it promotes long-lasting brightness to the overall complexion.

Step 3: CORRECTEUR CIBLE – Targeted Dark Spot Corrector

Intense and Targeted Corrective Treatment: Chrono stable Vitamin C and red algae interferes with different stages of the melanogenesis process controlling the size, number of contrasts of dark spots.

Dark spots, also known as hyperpig­mentation, is caused by an over production of melanin.


At the heart of the collection is “Chrono stable” vitamin C; with several patents and an ability to resist oxidation, chrono stable vitamin C progressively enters the cell which helps to sustain its bioavail­ability. It controls three main action of the pigment producing process:

Direct action on the melanin and its precursors
Action on the enzymes responsible for melanin synthesis
Action on the enzyme transcription factor

Red Algae acts at three key points of the overall pigmentation process which helps to correct existing discolor­ations and prevent future spots from appearing:

Inhibits Tyrosinase Activity, an essential enzyme required for melanogenesis
Degrades melanosomes development, organelles which transport pigment to the skins outer layers
Limits the effects of U.V. to melanin production
Four ingredients

This brightening seaweed is sourced along the French Brittany Coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It degrades the pigmentation process by blocking tyrosinase production to visibly lighten the depth of brown pigment spots.


An extract from the Beech Tree, which is commonly referred to as the “tree of eternal youth” because it lives on average 200-250 years. Using a patented extraction process to isolate and remove the peptides, Beech Bud extract energizes the skin’s metabolism and improves the oxygen consumption of cells.

A customized brightening and targeted dark spot correcting treatment

In addition to steady home care, YON-KA recommends that clients with pigment irregula­rities receive the ESSENTIAL WHITE Professional Treatment, which is available in 30 and 60-minute formats. Our 1-month complete ESSENTIAL WHITE program involves one 60-minute treatment to target pigment imperfec­tions, followed by three 30-minute treatments to achieve striking results that last. The ESSENTIAL WHITE Treatment also features the new PEELING LUMIERE, the exfoliating professional strength peel with a high 30% concentration of AHA and BHA. The brightening action of this potent pro peeling is boosted with Vitamin C and brown algae. Polysacc­harides rich in rhamnose and galactose boost Sirtuin 1 proteins helping to extend the life span of cell.


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Results for a Yonka Product
Hyperpig­mentation is one of the most common skin conditions, and often one of the most difficult to correct. Having and setting proper expectations, and the commitment to be consistent, with both professional treatments and the corresponding home care products, is the key to successfully treating dark spots and maintaining results.

There are several key factors that play a vital role in addressing hyperpig­mentation; precaution, prevention, patience, persistence and diligence. A golden rule in skin care is the more you prevent and protect early on, the less correction you will have to do later on.

Sun avoidance is the most important precaution we can take in the prevention of dark spots. Avoid intense UV exposure during the peak hours of 10 am to 2 pm, seek the shade if sun exposure is not avoidable, and cover your face, by wearing hats, sunglasses or seek shelter under an umbrella. Completely avoiding UV exposure is almost next to impossible; therefore utilizing broad spectrum SPF on a daily basis is vital in preventing dark spots and controlling melanin synthesis. Vigilance & diligence is key, daily sun protection is an essential part of any hyperpig­mentation program, without daily SPF we cannot prevent, control and correct dark spots.

In as little as 28 days, Yon-Ka Paris’s new Essential White Collection imparts the skin with a beautifully, brightened and even complexion and tone, leaving the skin looking more youthful and radiant.

My winding road to recovery: healing begins on the inside.

I love the word ‘healing‘. I guess I’ve always been drawn to the idea that someone or something has the power of ability to make something wrong…..right again. Finding a ‘solution’ has been my passion and driver for as long as I can remember. Over the years, many clients have stood up from my treatment table and exhalted how much better they felt. With their jaw pain gone, they could  chew without discomfort. Their stress headaches gone after a few treatments meant they could enjoy life again.  The satisfaction of helping a client feel better has never been lost on me. To this day, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see the relief in someones face who has suffered with acne for years and is now blemish free and medication free. These moments of my career have instilled a certain belief in me. When we can  find the underlying cause the healing can begin.

For those who know me, friends and clients alike, they know I have certain ‘beliefs’ about health and wellness. I believe  treating the ‘whole person’ is vital to long term health. If the habit is to drink cola or numerous  coffee’s  every day and expect good  health…well… I’ll  usually have something to say to the contrary.   Under most circumstances, I will also have something to say about food additives, the importance of anti-biotic and hormone free meat, GMO’s, white death (oops I meant refined sugar) the overuse of pharmaceuticals  and how we need to take better responsibility for our own wellbeing.  On the other side, I’m  also in awe of  this amazing wonderous body we call our home. The physiology of how our bodies work is truly a miracle and I  believe wholeheartedly that we have the possibility  to heal ourselves to some or all degree’s of health when given the right tools.

Being a single mom and having my own business here in The Netherlands has awarded me the benefits of freedom and choice while raising my daughter. However, since no work equals no pay, financial stability depends on the ability to work. After my divorce, staying healthy was something I took very seriously. Not withstanding the stress of suddenly being single parent in a ‘foreign country”, I never took my health for granted. What I didn’t bargain on was getting the wrong antibiotics for an otherwise minor infection and developing an extremely painful and debilitating chronic illness in 2014.

images (9)Life upside down

After visiting numerous doctors and specialists, undergoing painful procedures, travelling to different cities and desperate to find out why I was suffering from such pain, I finally, out of desperation diagnosed myself with a form of Interstitial cystitis. It seemed to fit the symptoms and since every doctor here just shrugged their shoulders and repeated the same mantra  “Ik weet het niet”.. ( “I don’t know”) I was on my own.  I discovered  little was known here  about this condition and worse doctors seemed uninterested. Interstitial cystitis is an extremely painful and sometimes unrelenting feeling of pressure and searing pain in the bladder. It has become an umbrella term for anything besides an active infection  that causes chronic bladder pain. A complex condition , many women and men  suffer for years and since there is supposedly no cure, most people live on pain medication and other dangerous drugs. It’s safe to say that the pain is enough to make you want to jump off a cliff…and in what seemed like a blink of an eye…my life turned upside down and I was dangerously close to that cliff.

I found myself suddenly immersed in finding any possible reason for why I was suffering. Researching became my own form of relief to keep my mind off the pain, desperately searching for any information  I could find to heal my broken body. Since I had to stop working, fear of how I was going to take care for myself and my daughter kept me awake nightly. I had floating thoughts of how I would be just fine to take one last breath and be done with it all. I became glued  to my computer, praying and trusting that God would make something good out of my misery.

What God did provide me with, was a network of amazing friends. If it weren’t for this amazing group of people,  I’m not sure where I would be today.  They cooked, cleaned, took care for my daughter, paid bills etc, supported and cheered me on. If it weren’t for one friend  with contacts to a clinic in London,  I would have never discovered,  I had in fact,  developed an  antibiotic resistent bacterial infection, due to the original damage from the antibiotics. Never properly diagnosed meant I had it  for almost a year. While antibiotics have the ability to  kill bad bacteria, they  also kill the healthy bacteria that our bodies needs to keep our  immune systems healthy.

If it weren’t for another friend, sitting on my couch, holding my hand and saying…”You are so dear to me, come and stay with me until you are better”, I would not have a safe, loving home where I could finally focus on recovery instead of the worry around paying mounting  bills. The help force of healing hands and friendships that raised my daughter and I during that time is still a miracle to me.

Time has passed, it’s almost 2 years now and I feel normal and healthy once again.  In my quest to heal my own body, my need to understand pain and get to the core of the issue, I found myself immersed in the scientific frontier of Gut health.  Wow!! A new paradigm of healing was opening up in front of me. One thing that grabbed my attention was a quote of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine.

“All disease begins in the gut”. images (5)

Since I personally experienced the compartmentalized approach to standard medicine and it’s disconnection  to the whole body approach to healing, reading that quote changed my thinking and my life.

Could this be the missing link I had been searching for?

What I have now come to learn is that we have trillions of friends called ‘Good bacteria’ and  without them, good health is simply impossible. The use of  medications, antibiotics, fast food diets and most importantly stress, all  have detrimental effects on this delicate ecosystem. Since more than 70% of our immune system is located in the gut, it becomes very obvious how important it is to keep it healthy

The question is…. how do we do that?

Well, I have found the best way starts right in the kitchen. Since introducing  immune building,   fermented foods to my diet I have experience a progressive healing that I feel has changed my life. In my next blog I will explain how these fermented foods, rich in good bacteria, improve  the immune system, help with weight loss, skin issues and much more.  These life giving foods helped heal me and my hope is they may help you as well!